Since thirty years I make and live for Art…

At the outbreak of the pandemic everything was dark for me, the virus was tremendous and I was stuck due to lockdown; I couldn’t get to my beloved lab, I couldn’t take up my equipment and most of all I couldn’t use my big marble blocks.

It was then, that was born in me the need to resist to this darkness through the light of beauty, using the language I know the most: sculpture.

That’s when I put together the few instruments I had at home: a file for marble, sharpening stones and some marble’s pieces that I had with myself. The idea was to give new shapes to these small objects for them to live, like a big sculpture, of their own reflected light.

A huge difficulty was to switch from big dimensions to which I am used to, to these few squared centimetres, but an artist’s mind should never surrender, and so I have studied and tried how to wear on a finger these light sculptures.

The result is “Arte ed Emozioni da Indossare” (“Art and Emotions to wear”), unique pieces made with Carrara’s statuary marble, the same used and celebrated by the Renaissance’s artists.

I can say to be happy, I managed to enclose my immense love for Art in these jewels and I hope to be able to convey this same feeling to you too.

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